Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hunting for Kool Aid

Turns out Kool Aid is not ubiquitous in the US. I traipsed around several corner shops and Duane Reades, and got my colleague to find the nearest Food Emporium, but all I scored was a little mango and orange in the Food Emporium. No-one else stocked the stuff, and FE had only the flavours. I don't know where New Yorkers do their grocery shopping, as I couldn't find any large grocery stores.

Still, I now know of a local London source and a UK internet source (3 times the price of that in the US of course), so I can at least get more colours. I'm intrigued by the blue...

The stash reduction is not going so well. The rare trip to the US meant it would be rude not to buy at least a few skeins... I ended up with a kilo of Cherry Tree Hill sock and Blue Heron rayon. I did exchange some of my Christmas Prism for a smaller weight of Parisienne, so got a 300g reduction there.
Net year to date +1050 g.
Need to finish some items...

I got back to the Finn wool sweater, and after a false start, am making good progress with the underarm shaping on the back. DH is going to have to figure out the V neck calcs for me before I can move on with the front.

Also started a plain pair of socks in Posh Yarn Lucia. I tried swatching the candy coloured yarn in a few patterns, but just couldn't find the right one, so decided to go for soothing stockinette. Much faster anyway. The yarn is softer and nicer to knit with than it appears in the skein, and yields a firm fabric.


Michelle said...

There are no large grocery stores in NYC. Sometimes you can find the Kool-Aid packets in the little 24 hour delis. I never found the blue colors there. Now I live in Australia, my friends purchase Kool-Aid on ebay.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to send you some Kool-Aid.I can get it here sometimes 10 for a dollar.Just send me your address and what colors you need and I will send them to you.Email your info to goldenpetals at cox dot net.