Friday, November 16, 2007

Stealth knit

I have a stealth knit FO to report. I started this cowl for my mother last week, and mailed it yesterday. I'm pleased to report she has been wearing it all day! The pattern is from One Skein Wonders, and seems deceptively simple. I tried knitting it on the train while talking to my colleagues, and found I spent far more time ripping back. When I went back to concentrating hard, and checking all my yarnovers, it was fine.

Minor mods to the pattern: I used Rowan Cashsoft DK, and as this was thicker than the specified yarn, I cast on 96 stitches. I also did a few rows less than specified, to avoid having to join in another ball.

I haven't abandoned the crocheted throw either; I finished the main section last night!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

UK SnB day - part 2

The vendors were mostly small companies, including a number of artisan dyers. I got this gorgeous colourway of sock yarn from Jon at easyknits, who was doing his first show. His partner had generously baked delicious gingerbread men for the customers, so my husband was delighted to be presented with a knitting gingerbread man when I got home!

The venue was excellent, and well laid out. There was plenty of seating to sit down and relax, which greatly reduced the stress of crowds.
Rainbow silks had a good array of hard to find knitting tools, such as Susan Bates needles and hooks, Chibo needles, purse forms and peg looms.Natural Dye Studio are starting a teapot cosy club and had models on display.

My stash enhancement was modest.

A number of charity initiatives were showcased including the Children's Society big stitch, walking stick cosy comp, Origins ginger knits and St. Johns Ambulance big tea cosy

I discovered the joy of the pompom, and think it may be a good way to use up yarn that I don't want to knit with - I'm thinking novelty acrylics here.

I was smitten by an Estonian glove puppet:

I finally met some Socks that Rock. I thought the colours were gorgeous, and the base yarn was similar to that in Cherry Tree Hill or Koigu. I also found out that knitting socks on 2 circs is apparently easier with very short needles.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

UK stitch n bitch day

Today was the terrific 1st UK StitchI Knit London day in Bloomsbury. Gerard and Craig from iknit organised the whole thing, and it was a great success. It had the excitement of Ally Pally, but a much better atmosphere. Everyone was a committed knitter, there was plenty of seating, music, a bar, speciality vendors, workshops and lots to see and do.

The centrepiece was the launch of Debbie Stoller's new book for men. We were very privileged, as apparently it's not even available in the US yet. There was a catwalk show from the book:

Debbie did a workshop on double knitting.

Some people knitted hamsters.

Or pompoms for peace.

More to come.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Minor deviation

I deviated slightly from the three projects plan - but only so I could take something on a flight. I figured even the airport authorities couldn't object to a plastic crochet hook, so took a ball of stash and started a Fit to be Tied purse from the Happy Hooker book. I've used an aran weight so reduced the number of stitches, but wish I'd also reduced the number of rows before making the handle slot.

I'm making some progress on all the other three projects, but nothing is near completion. I've turned the first corner on the throw, but that just means all the rows are really long now.

I've got about 65 rows still to go on the MS3, and they're still getting longer (so slower).

I'm struggling with Evie, with very little progress.