Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sahara body

I've mostly been working on Sahara, and have got to the point where the body is knitted in the round. Although it's knitted top down, trying it on is misleading because there's a gaping hole in the front. I had bought some sparkly yarn for the neckline, but it now looks too much combined with the variegated yarn, so I think I will use the main yarn throughout.

The only modification I've made so far is to eliminate one set of waist decreases and to join the front marginally earlier.

Not much progress on seaming Sunrise Circle. I've only managed one raglan seam. The yarn isn't good for seaming, as it keeps breaking under tension, but I haven't got anything else in a similar colour, so I'll probably keep going.

It's heating up again, with a scorcher predicted for this weekend, so I'm quite pleased to have made an early start on the summer knitting.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Starting Sahara

I've made a start on the latest SKC project, Sahara. I'm using some Lana Grossa from stash for it. Not sure about the striping and the yarn tangles dreadfully, but I'm persevering. It also looks very small, but it is stretchy.

I blocked the pieces of sunrise circle, and they definitely are flatter and better behaved. No excuse not to get on with the making up then...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Look at Lucy

This month's UK magazines include a pattern for a wonderful Lucy lamb that I have to make. Just so happens I have some wool boucle left over from a jumper that will be perfect for this.

Then what did I get for Easter? A chocolate Lucy lamb, that looks very similar to the pattern! Can't quite bring myself to break into it...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The sunrise circle jacket is moving along well. I've finished the second side, although the novelty of the pattern wore off a bit by then. Nearly finished the back too. The pieces have curled like crazy, so I think I'll have to block them before sewing up.

I've started a summer bag in Sirdar Spree. This is a heavy chunky cotton, which has many plies and is quite splitty. I had thought it would make a summer top, but it's much too heavy. The weight is good for a bag though. I'm pleased with the distribution of the variegated colour.

I bought a flower loom, which is similar to the one I had as a child, but slightly more sophisticated as you can make double sided flowers.