Saturday, May 24, 2008

Charlotte's web

Sorry for the delay between posts. I wrote the text of this post 10 days ago, but it's taken me a while to sort out the photos.

Charlotte's web is finished, and I'm pretty pleased with the result. It's soft and light, and the fringe really finishes it. I blocked it on the bed, and the pattern has opened up nicely.

I've started the octopus washmitt, and am modifying the pattern to fit an adult hand.

And I'm slowly adding to Jolien and the possum peplum cardigan. The recent unexpected heatwave has made these woolly projects seem a lot less appealing, and I'm hearing the siren call of summer projects.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

April progress

I did actually finish knitting the Charlotte's Web shawl in April on the Wonderwool trip. I blocked it lightly, and am pleased that the colours blend more than I thought when I was knitting the shawl. I have learned for the next time I try colour blending that it's easier when the colours are close in tonal value, or you get a stripy effect. I also found the fearsomely expensive Koigu did have more colour complexity and blendability than the Cherry Tree Hill supersock, so is probably worth the expense for this sort of project.

I'm still working on the fringe, which always takes ages, but this is getting very close to being a FO.

I've made a small amount of progress on the possum cardigan, but it looks much the same as before.

I'm not terribly interested in the stashbusting suggestions for May on the Ravelry group, so I think I'll remain with the theme of finishing WIPs.

Knitting goals for May are therefore:

1) Finish crochet star afghan

2) Finish Evie

3) Finish felted handbag

4) Make a baby cardigan for my colleague's expected baby

5) Start an octopus washcloth for my husband

6) Finish the back of the possum cardigan

7) Finish front and back of Jolien

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Purchases in full

By request, more detail on exactly what was added to the stash at Wonderwool Wales.

Sheepfold bag kits. The first photo shows their newest Starburst kit, using lovely black Leicester Longwool. The second photo is a wool and camel mix, and is very hairy!

Angora goat sock kit.

Various patterns

Mohair locks to knit into a bag for felting

Old Piggery yarn

Um. More Posh Yarn...