Sunday, January 01, 2017

End of year musings

My niece has shown a surprisingly strong interest in knitting and crochet over Christmas.  After insisting I teach her to knit, and practise with her every few hours, she took great interest in the amigurumi in a magazine I bought.   Of course, she initially wanted to make the largest, most complex project in the magazine, but we compromised on working on the little chicks and baskets for Easter.   I crocheted up the constituent parts for a chick, but didn't have time to make up before I left.   I gave instructions to my sister, who gamely took on the duty and did a great job.

I have also started the hatching dragon, which requires eyes to be added partway through crocheting head.  It's quite strange, as soon as the eyes are added, the crochet piece suddenly starts to take on personality.

This year has not been very productive on the crafting front.  For periods of the year, I just didn't feel like knitting at all.

I did learn a new technique making the simple ziggurat in ice cream pastel colours.  It is an interesting form of top down construction, but the shoulder shaping does not work so well for me as regular set in sleeves.

For next year, I would like to do some more.  Ideas are:
  1. Quilt and complete the Rowan QAL quilt for which I have a pieced top
  2. Make sweaters using three of the four techniques or styles described in this Interweave post
    • aran
    • gansey
    • fair isle
    • bohus
  3. Make amigurumi to amuse my niece