Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My kind of hat

I thought I'd check out my type of hat on blogthings. The result was:

Your Hat Personality Is A


But I don't agree! I don't own a beret, and I don't particularly want one. I'd prefer to be a fuschia hat with feathers.

More like this...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Filling the wool holes

I filled the wool holes and my stash now looks super organised, and for the first time ever, I can see exactly what I have!

It's all sorted by type of yarn, and the Noro cube is overflowing...

I've been knitting away on the tote exchange 2 candidate despite the fact that it's like having a woolly blanket across my lap in the heat. Front and back are complete, I'm working the sides now, then need to add edging and handles. Getting close... I really want to get it in the post before the end of the month, to allow plenty of time for the international postal service before the deadline. At least this one looks a more sensible size...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Coffee type?

You Are a Plain Ole Cup of Joe

But don't think plain - instead think, uncomplicated
You're a low maintenance kind of girl... who can hang with the guys
Down to earth, easy going, and fun! Yup, that's you: the friend everyone invites.
And your dependable too. Both for a laugh and a sympathetic ear.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I've been a bit lax on posting recently, mostly because the good weather has arrived, and I don't want to miss it!

My DH got tired of my wool and fabric being all over the house, so is fixing up a proper storage and working area for me. He's putting up some cubes for the wool first. It's a bit of a labour of love, as it's far too hot to work inside and the World Cup is on to distract him!

The second area to get an upgrade is the camera. I've been borrowing DH's camera for the blog, but it's big and heavy, and fiddly to use (although I think he would say high spec and flexible).
I decided I needed a small camera of my own that I could take places, and use for the blog and for holidays. I started looking at different brands and models, and tried a few in a shop. I ended up spending a little more than I had originally intended, but I really like the look and size of the camera. I collected it from the store this morning, and have been playing with it as soon as the battery charged. I'm a bit limited with the number of photos right now, but have ordered a huge memory card, which should allow me to snap away to my heart's content. Needless to say, the pics in this post are all taken with the new toy.

After the episode with the first tote exchange bag, I've tried again with my second shortlisted pattern. The yarn I ordered looked great in the bag, but knits up to look darker and more muted than I wanted. I fixed it by using half the original yarn, and half a more vibrant colourway.