Sunday, August 13, 2006

My first sock!

The weather has turned cool and damp, so my thoughts have turned to sock knitting. I didn't feel like starting this while the weather was hot, but yesterday I decided to give it a go. I had a long road trip to Oxford, and used the time to tackle the class sock in Sensational Knitted Socks, as recommended by Thea.

I was surprised how easy it was. I've read so much about the dreaded 'turning the heel' and the instructions for socks always seemed so complex, but this book breaks it all down into simple chunks and as long as you take it slowly, it seems fine. Have to concentrate though - I had to stop suddenly as we hit the outskirts of Oxford and I had to navigate, and it was tricky to pick up again.

So fuelled with the test sock success, I'm going to pull out some sock wool and try the full sized version. My DH was fascinated that I conjured up this complicated looking thing from my needles, but was slightly concerned that it stands up on its own - in his words, 'it's more of a boot than a sock really'. Maybe I should relax the gauge a touch...

Sunday, August 06, 2006


A long hot festival weekend!
We went to Fruitstock yesterday and today, the festival organised by Innocent drinks. The event was bigger and better than ever this year. We listened to bands, ate pies, drank cold beer and smoothies, knitted and tasted wine. What's not to like?

My favourite band was the Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company from South Africa, who performed a singing and dancing spectacular, with lots of audience participation.

The Innocent vans are worth seeing. As well as horns and eyelashes that you can see in the picture, this van has a tail and udders that you can't!

Innocent had a knitting relaxation area where they were asking people to knit bobble hats for the drinks for winter. I kicked out three, but have handed them in, so can't post a pic. I hoped to meet Kerrie from Hipknits there, but she wasn't there today. I may manage a couple more hats and post them later.

We also dropped in at the Shoreditch Festival, where we saw another mechanical elephant.

And finally, back this evening for SnB in the park! Phew, I'm exhausted!