Sunday, January 03, 2010


During my long blog absence, I flirted with cardmaking. Here's a few of my Christmas cards:

cards dec 09 013
cards dec 09 012
cards dec 09 007
cards dec 09 005

I was quite pleased with them, although it was more time and space consuming than I expected!

I've had another few ideas for the Ten for 10 challenge, and have decided that I'll try to tackle ten techniques from a longer list. We covered 1-8 earlier, but I've reproduced the whole list here:

  1. steeking
  2. entrelac
  3. granny square afghan
  4. line a bag
  5. top down raglan
  6. moebius
  7. knit with own dyed yarn
  8. more complex sock
  9. complex cable
  10. slip stitch item
  11. use of blocking wires
  12. cable twist stitches
  13. soft toy - either knit or crochet
  14. cabling without a cable needle
  15. inserting a zip into a knitted item
  16. kidsilk haze project
  17. brioche stitch
  18. reversible knitting

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